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From the Masters' Heart Book

"Years ago, while I was praying, I surprised myself by saying "Lord, give me words".  It seemed to come from the depths of my heart.  I had no idea what I was going to do with those words once I got them; but he knew.  He answered my prayers and gave me words, words in the form of poetry."  ~ Norma Ching


For many years the Holy Spirit has sent poems of inspiration and praise to Norma Ching.  This is a collection of some of those poems; each one complemented with artwork by Norma's son, renown wildlife artist, Patrick Ching.


Enjoy this book many times over.  Give copies to your loved ones and friends; those with urgent needs and those facing challenges will especially gain comfort and strength through these pictures and poems.


Copyright 2005  Naturally Hawaiian Publishing


8.5" x 11"


50 Pages


From the Masters' Heart Book

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